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The Up And Comer: Caught Up With Neil Mathew During New York Fashion Week

Neil Mathew, 27, very stylish with his fashion but he has personable charm and knows how to negotiate when it comes to making deals in business. Of Indian descent, Neil’s family is from Kerala, India. Neil Mathew founded a company that provides luxury concierge to wealthy clients.

The Up And Comer: Caught Up With Neil Mathew During New York Fashion Week Photo of Neil Matthew; Photography Zach Asato

He marketed and contracted his luxury goods to various hotels, tech companies, designers, reality stars and many other elite clients. He then took his talent to real estate investments where he currently develops and sells luxury properties. He oversees the planning, designing and constructing of housing renovations. Neil continues to achieve his success in business with his unique concepts showing how he stands out from his competitors with his approach and policies. Neil Mathew is just getting started.

We had an opportunity to sit down with Neil and ask him few questions. 

Our readers would like to know being an Indian American businessman was it tough to break into the high-end market?

I personally think just breaking into the high-end market is tough in general. The clients know what they want and they just don’t deal with anyone. They tend to deal with reputable companies or individuals. It is such a small niche market that you need to be appealing and offer beyond you services.

What are your thoughts on the rise of Indian entrepreneurs and executives in Silicon Valley?

I am proud that South Asians are making a name in the states. I find some of the top leading companies such as Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella as an inspiration. It shows that we can succeed in many other ways than the stereotypical medical or engineering route. 

How do you see your journey as an entrepreneur?

It’s not an easy one. You need to have tough skin and be ready to face rejections. I say you knock on one hundred doors and you only need that one door to open.

Are you happy with your journey and the progress you're making?

I’m learning each and every day and progress is coming along. I can be very critical of myself when it comes to my work. I tend to be a perfectionist where I will spend hours or days on one little thing until I feel completely satisfied.

Have you ever visited India?

I’ve been to India several times throughout my life. My parents instilled that I know my culture and native language. It’s important that I know my roots and keep in touch with my family that lives in Kerala, India. 

What are you currently focusing on right now?

I’m currently focusing on the real estate market in investing, developing and selling high-end properties. 

What keeps you motivated when you are having a tough time?

I turn to God for guidance. I don’t believe in giving up on anything I do. I see it as an obstacle that I have to cross. When you fall there’s only one direction to go which is up and why not come back stronger and even better. 

Do you feel pressure to look your best being a Brand Ambassador to British luxury brand Manor of London?

I am honored to represent Manor of London that was just recently noticed by British GQ. No I really don’t take it too seriously because I dress in what makes me feel comfortable. From wearing a simple V-neck and jeans to accessorizing a fine tailored suit or a plain blazer with a nice pair of loafers makes an outfit.

Who is your favorite actor in Bollywood?

Well I’m going to be cliché and say the king of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan obviously. I do like the new generation actors that are taking over the film industry such as Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra and Tiger Shroff has some sick dance moves. 

Who is your Bollywood crush?

That is a hard one to narrow down but I find Sonam Kapoor very elegant with her style. 

If you were to get offered a small role in a Bollywood film would you accept it?

Of course I would take that opportunity, even if it were for a ten second role. It would be an honor to partake in a Bollywood movie with international actors. 

Is there a special person in your love life currently ?

I’m focusing on my career as of right now and I’m waiting for Miss. Right to come along. 

If you have one advise to give to our subscribers on perusing their dreams what would you tell them?

It’s very simple start within yourself and believe you can do it. Change the way you think and be more optimistic. If you have a vision I say run with it. You are your own obstacle don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

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