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Movie Review - YPD 3 (Yampla Pagla Deewna Phir Se)

Here's Instant Bollywood's review of Yampla Pagla Deewana Phir Se.

Movie Review - YPD 3 (Yampla Pagla Deewna Phir Se)

What comes to your mind when you think about the perfect family? Children who listen to their parents and do as they are told? This is exactly what has been done in the movie Yamla Pagla Deewal- Phir Se. Just like good children, Sunny and Bobby deal seem to have acted exactly the way dharmendra would want them to.

In todays date and age ,Life gets too complicated ,too easily. Sometimes, you just need to have a laugh without having any reason, This movie will certainly make you do so. YPD-Phir Se tries to bring a change in the society by showing how Ayurvedic Medicines are the gem of India and should be given more importance to.

The real life brothers play brothers on screen as well who own an Ayurvedic shop in Amritsar. Dharmendra surprisingly does not play a role of their father in the film but is a tenant who refuses to vacate the premises of Bobby and sunny deols house. Also, he only pays Rs 115 as rent for each month which he feels is sufficient .
The twist in the tale comes when Sunny deol refuses to sell the patent rights to make one of his ayurvedic medice “Vajrakavach” to a businessman.instead of sorting it out like true gentlemen, knowing how sunny paaji is, ends up breaking that guys teeth and injuring him.

To take revenge the businessman who is the owner of “Mafatlal enterprises” plans to steal the old age trick for making that specific medicine.
This is done by none other than kriti kharbandra.
Looking gorgeous throughout the whole film, Kriti plays the role of a gurjrati girl,who is nothing but a true Punjabi at heart. She Loves drinking, going out clubbing with the fiends, staying out late. Being a surgon she does not have enough funds to fulfill her mothers dream to open her own medical clinic, to do so she signs a deal with Mafatlal enterprises to get them the details on how to make “Vajrakawach” and in return the businessman promised her a clinic of her own.

Falling into the trap kriti goes to Amritsar without telling her parents to train until sunny deol for a week to learn his ayurvedic practice. During the course of the time she is in Amritsar,Bobby deol ends up falling in love with her but is unable to express it. Romancing kriti in the busy streets of amrtisar seemed to be a task by bobbly. By the end of one week she surely gets close to the whole family and slyly ends up stealing the secret on making the “vajrakawach”.

After Mafatlal gets the secret to making his sought after ayurvedic medicine, he plays dirty and starts selling it as a new medicine made by his company called “Total Cure” and also got the patent rights to it. This company sent a letter to the two brothers in Amritsar, That they had patent rights over “Vajrakawach”.This was of the main turning points in the movie where the two brothers flew to Gujrat, along with their lawyer- Dharmendra to fight a case against them.

Unwilling to settle for any amount, the case goes to court and there comes in as the judge- Shatrugan Sinha who turns out to be a college friend of the lawyer dharmendra in the movie.
The movie also shows the cross culture variation in Gujratis and Punjabis, how in Gujrat people to still go extreme extents to get alcohol. On the other hand, How Punjabis have to limit of consuming alcohol.

Sunny deol, bobby deol and dharmendra had the act like being gurjrati to stay in a particular area as they did not allow Punjabi people to stay there. Coincidently this turned out to be the same society where kriti kharbanda lived. Feeling guilty about what she had done, she confessed to the whole family that she was the one who stole to secret to make the famous “Vajrakawach”.

At first the family was annoyed but then hey let it go as she agreed to testify against the other party in court which would make them win the case .The climax has hardcore action where sunny deol is now “breaking a wall” and then stopping a moving truck with his own hand (Something only superman is able to do till date).This sequence will surely make an impact on the audience.

The songs of the movie are well produced, some are catchy and some are not. One of the songs from the movie “Rafta Rafta” has one hell of a starcast being Sonakshi Sinha,Salman Khan, Shatrugan Sinha and rekha has already become a hit and is trending everywhere on the internet.

All is well that ends well, This is what the ending of the movie was, Kriti kharbanda decides to get married to bobby deol and the family ends up winning the case and goes back to Punjab.

If you are looking for a good laugh-Only then you must go and watch this film. The story could have been more interesting but from what we have seen this may have been the best movie in the trilogy of yamla pagla deewnana.

Bobby deol has been seen in this movie right after his last “Race 3”. Lets see what he does not after playing the role of a true Punjabi in this film, Being Drunk and energetic all the time who had a great comic timing.

There can be a fourth part to this movie series ,but hopefully with a more fulfilling and meaningful story.

yampla pagla deewna phir se